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Work Automation and GenAI

AIoT for Sustainability Business

IoT and AI Agent for business automation

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Interact with IoT devices for LLM operation

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Private LLM for company HR policy service and sentiment analysis

Ripple Delete

Encrypted radio mesh with private network

Discover Our AI Innovations

Our AI Agent solutions are designed to help businesses track, monitor, and promote their products, providing big picture insights and cost-effective operation. With LLM, we can enhance users' everyday experiences and increase engagement by interacting with IoT deployment for digital world operation. Let us help you take your business to the next level

AI Solutioning

AI Solutioning

Computer Vision, Video Analytics, Gen AI and Edge computing.

At Macgio, we are committed to delivering cost effective-edge AI solutions to reduce operation costs while driving business growth. Designed to meet evolving needs of business across retail and building automation.

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IoT Integration
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Enterprise IoT

Business  Automation and Unmanned operation

From unmanned Gym to unmanned space and building automation for voice command. By adopting a one-stop solution for both membership, business and facility automation. 

Drone ID

Drone Tracker

Drone Command Center

Using a private and encrypted mesh radio mesh network, a tamperproof GPS tracker is attached on Friendly Drone for telemetry transmission and providing Command Center deployment awareness.

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GenAI Agent-HR

GenAI Agent - HR

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About Macgio

A boutique AI enabler, offering business A.IoT and Gen AI solutions for user delight experience. A combined team experience of over 20 years in cloud and data architectural design, embedded system design and application development. A hardware and software solution house, we delivered Enterprise AI solutions. 

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Have questions or want to learn more about our AI enabler solutions? We're here to help.

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